Highwood Pass Ride

Sunday June 9th, 2024

In Memory of Murray Dueck

Ride Details

  • 76km return to the summit of the pass, 985m of elevation gain
  • Meet at west side Safeway at 8:00 am Sunday June 9th to sort out car pooling etc.
  • Self supported , this ride is open to all club members, the only requirement is that you agree not to return to the parking area alone. If anyone does not wish to complete the ride please wait for another rider to return with them to the parking area.
  • be prepared for almost any kind of weather.
  • bring water & snacks for about a 4 hour ride, bring your bear spray
  • we will meet back at the parking area at Highwood Junction & those who wish can join us for a post ride beverage in Longview.

In honor of long time Headwind member Murray Dueck we will attack the Pass again this year.  Murray loved riding the HighWood Pass and brought the ride back to the club calendar the last few years.  We will follow his inspiration and continue to ride it with him. Please join us on the 9th for one of the most scenic road rides in Canada.  We will plan to raise a glass to Murray in LongView following the ride.

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” — Arthur Conan Doyle, British author

Ascent Chief Mountain-CANCELLED

 Saturday, June 22th A 50km ride to the Chief Mountain Border and back to our starting point.  The ride to the border has 2 climbs (about 8 km) with one descent.  The ride is through the

scenic Rocky Mountains on a lightly travelled road in early June.  Although the road condition has been poor in the past the surface has been greatly improved due to recent work. Along the ride Headwinds will provide a SAG wagon to support riders and providing water and basic snacks if needed.  We plan to finish the ride with snacks hosted by Headwinds at the Maskinonge Picnic Area outside of the Waterton gates.

  • Meet at the Fairway Plaza Safeway parking lot at 8:00-8:30. Leave for the Maskinonge Picnic area at 8:30 once carpooling is arranged.
  • Start riding at 10:15 – 10:30. Complete the ride and BBQ at 2:00.
  • All riders must be registered members of Headwinds Cycling Club.

Gravel Ride- Saturday July 13th Date Change

A beautiful ride about 80km starting and ending at Beauvais Lake near Pincher Creek. Good gravel roads and some pavement. One big climb. This ride won’t be supported, so bring everything you need. Meet at the Westside Safeway at 8:00am Saturday July 13th.

Little Ghost Town Ride

Saturday August 10th  A ride from Magrath to Del Bonita (the Little Ghost Town on the Prairies), which is approximately 100 km out and back ride on Highway 62,  stopping in Del Bonita for a treat and a rest before the ride back. The ride takes you along the Alberta prairies and past the McIntyre Ranch and up to the Little Ghost Town on the Prairies. Special bonus sighting if you find the giant ant hill just outside of Del Bonita. Meet at the southside Safeway parking lot 8:00AM. Based on wind, temperature and who shows up, we will either do a ride from Magrath to Del Bonita and back (about 100km) or a loop including Cardston(about 140km).

Fundough Ride- 

Headwinds 2023 Fundough Ride
Saturday Sept 14th 9:00 am

The final Classic series road ride of the season and a fantastic way to bring the season to a close.  The ride is approximately 85 km and will visit 4 bakeries. Headwinds will cover the cost of bakery items at each stop, but do bring extra cash for any extras or special drinks (PSL anyone?)

The ride will be a bit later in the season than previous, so make sure you dress for the weather. A Sag Wagon will be provided if needed.

The ride will start from the West Side Safeway  at 9:00 am and end at the Penny Coffee House. The route map is available here:


Please email if you are planning to attend so we can make arrangements with the bakeries and for the Sag Wagon drivers.

  • All participants that are riding with the group must be registered members of Headwinds Cycling Club.