The Lethbridge Headwinds Cycling Club was formed in 1986 by a number of local Southern Alberta riders wishing to formally organize cycling activities in the area. This club began rebranding as the Headwinds Cycling Club in 2017 and continues its evolution into 2018 and 2019.

The objectives of this non-profit organization are to promote the sport of cycling in Southern Alberta and to provide involvement for members in all aspects and levels of bicycle road racing, touring (recreation and transportation), mountain biking, and triathlon.

Headwinds Cycling Club is affiliated with the Alberta Bicycle Association

2019 Executive:

  • President: Daniel Hagen
  • Vice-president: Easton Beaulieu
  • Treasurer: Vitaliy Rudenko
  • Secretary: Kelly McMahon

Like our page on Facebook to stay current on events and use the Headwinds Facebook group to organize rides. If you would like to get more involved feel free to contact us using the form below.