In 2017 Headwinds was thrilled to host our first Juniors MTB training program. Guiding young riders through the fundaments of bike care, technique and safety, training up strong smart riders of the future. We are pleased to announce we will be continuing the Juniors program in 2018.

Junior sessions are open to kids 5 years old and older that can pedal on their own (no training wheels or run bikes). We will attempt to group kids by ability once we have a better idea of the skills of the group and turn out. Each session will be ride based with one to two skills being introduced during the ride. Some sessions will also include basic bike maintenance lessons.The sessions are volunteer based and meant to simply get kids out riding and having fun. We will need some parents to help out as spotters and ride with the group. All participants that are riding with the group, including parents that choose to ride with us, must be Headwinds Members and complete waivers.


For more ride info check out the season lineup below

Headwinds Juniors Program 2018 schedule