July 10, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Lethbridge College, Fort Whoop-up
This will be an on trail day. Please select the appropriate group for your rider; will help with group management, safety, and over all fun experience for all riders.  We may ask riders to switch groups if we feel it will be a better experience for them.  Thank you
  • 1-2pm:  Level 1:  Will meet at Fort Whoop-up for a moderate fun single track ride.  We will stop to review skills along the way
  • 3-4:30   Level 2:  Lethbridge College. Intermediate riders who need a slower trail pace.  Will plan to ride a loop through coulees.  Goal is to ride “violent tendencies” trail.  We will do a walk through and review skills. Course may change if necessary
  • 7pm Level 3:  Lethbridge College. Older riders who can handle a stronger pace with adults, not a hammerhead night.  We will be joining the weekly club mtb ride for this one.  It will be fun!
PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR THE ABOVE SESSIONS!  It will guide our decision to run or cancel.  Thanks



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