Road Social Rides will start June 29th 6:30 at Westside Safeway. Mountain Bike rides July 1, 7:00 at the College. All participants must be Headwinds members and have signed a Covid 19 waiver. Below is some information, links to waivers and Alberta Bicycle Association guidelines.


Below is a list of requirements for all rides. All of the requirements MUST be met for riders to participate.

-Including the ride leader, participants and other essential volunteers, no more than 15 people will be permitted on the ride.

-All riders Must not be exhibiting and Covid 19 symptoms or be feeling ill.

-Covid 19 presumption of risk waiver has to be completed and brought with you. ( download below).

All riders (GROM or adult joining us) MUST be Headwinds Members and parent/guardian permission. (Join on front Page).

-We will be following AHS recommendations so if you have ANY symptoms associated with Covid 19 do not come to the ride.

-Respect the 2m rule when riding and regrouping.

-Carry your own sanitizer, food, tools, water bottles.

-All riders and volunteers must check in with the lead rider, as we must record all participants for each ride.